it’s just the laws of physics, love

there’s something so heart wrenching yet eye opening about realizing you’re the only one who fell. first you tripped, and they laughed with you when you felt embarrassed and shy. you stumbled, and they helped you keep balance, letting you grab on just enough to avoid colliding with the pavement. then all at once you’re falling face first, not sure how or why or what propelled you to be surprisingly silent on the scenic journey down, but you brace yourself and realize only your own two arms can save you. all you have is two limbs to be your saviour, and before your skin is scraped raw and muscles start feeling the ache of the impact, you feel your heart in your throat making each breath a challenge. and meanwhile, with your adrenaline pumping making one second feel like a lifetime, you’re down and bruised and on your own, a lump on the concrete. you knew this was coming but you still blame gravity.


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