Down Under

i met a boy in Perth
he wore faded jeans and skater shoes to mask the fact that his ego was bruised and his soul withering;
pullling apart at the seams like my sweater from 2005, the gray one with the silver zipper that matched every outfit i wore
i guess he was much the same, in the way which he made me feel safe and comfortable and they were versatile, playing which ever role and fitting whichever look i was going for
sometimes he was the weak one who needed a little patching up like an antique quilt, but i have no time for arts and crafts
he could be the strong one who had no regard for anyone elses feelings but his own, especially between the sheets at that dingy hotel we spent the last 3 nights in which gave me the creeps
But i guess i keep him around for the comfort and warmth, and the way i thought he lifted the veil i wore for exactly two years now..
key word thought
and that’s how i fell for the boy in Perth


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